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Dr Farah Abu Jurji

I started my law career in 2009, after completing my legal studies at the University of Vienna. While working at a renowned law firm, I continued my studies to obtain a PhD in Law, also from the University of Vienna. My professional experience and academic background have allowed me to deepen my knowledge and build an in-depth understanding of numerous legal fields. I can therefore provide my clients with the best possible and most efficient legal advice.

My office represents the legal interests of private individuals, as well as national and foreign businesses. In all cases, my extensive expertise and professional legal counsel form the basis of my relations with my clients.

Since an in-depth knowledge of the case is essential for the best possible advice, I put great emphasis on open and detailed communication with my clients, which I can conduct fluently in German, English, French and Arabic.

To achieve your desired outcome, I offer a service-oriented and modern approach to each case. Through my extensive legal competence, complete explanation, and efficient work practice, I achieve the optimum result for you.

Practice Areas

Commercial and corporate law

§ Company formation and restructuring
§ Business acquisitions
§ Company liquidation
§ Competition law

Real estate law

§ Real estate purchase or sale
§ Entries in the land register
§ Tenancy law
§ Purchase of real estate by foreigners

General civil law

§ Tort law (compensation law)
§ Defects liability, warranty law
§ Consumer protection
§ Traffic accident procedures
§ Protection of the privacy of individuals
§ Law concerning the respective rights of neighbours

Labour law

§ Claims from employment contracts
§ Drafting and examination of employment contracts
§ Appeals against terminations of employment contracts


§ Representation in court
§ Civil procedures
§ Law of Injunctions

Criminal law

§ Criminal defence
§ Criminal law prevention
§ Representation of crime victims

Fee calculation

Dr Farah Abu Jurji

I want to provide my clients with a flexible, fair, and transparent fee calculation. To accommodate the uniqueness of each legal case, I offer three payment options: an hourly rate, a rate based on services provided (according to the Austrian law on legal fees), or a total lump sum.

For many people, the fear of excessive legal fees is an obstacle to pursuing and achieving their rights. I therefore offer an initial consultation of one hour at the reduced rate of € 150 (incl. VAT). During this first discussion, we can examine your case as well as possible solutions, and I can provide you with an approximate cost estimate, should you wish to pursue your case.



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