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Lawyer for Residence Law / Employment Law for Foreigners in Vienna

In my office, I can advise you not only in German but also in the following languages: Arabic, French and English.

Austrian law offers foreigners the possibility to obtain a residence permit based on business participation. If you want to migrate to Europe, Austria is the ideal country. As a resident of Austria, you are of course entitled to travel throughout the European Union without further visa requirements. I offer you and your family a full-service package for obtaining your residence permit. 

This includes the establishment of a business, a detailed study of your business plan and its suitability for obtaining a residence permit, as well as the complete application to the Austrian embassy / consulate of your home country.

Law Firm for Immigration and Residence Law in Vienna – Services

With my law firm, I take care of your wish to obtain a residence permit in Austria, if necessary also in several languages, from the first application to the granting of the permit within the framework of the legal possibilities. This also includes, for example, the following topics:

  • Application for a residence permit
  • Employment law for foreigners
  • Key worker migration
  • Self-employed key workers

Of course, these are only examples. I offer you and your family a complete package and respond individually to your wishes and circumstances. Simply call my law office in Vienna at +43 1 5850387. I look forward to your enquiry!

Order a residence permit for Austria with the help of a lawyer from Vienna

Benefit from my expertise and contact me for all your questions regarding settlement and residence law. I will be happy to advise you and find a solution together with you!

But why is Austria such a pleasant country to live in Europe? Some clear facts can and should be mentioned.

Austria ...

* is located in the heart of Europe

* has one of the highest standards of living and security in the world

* has a very stable legal and economic system

* offers great business opportunities

* offers excellent educational opportunities with many international schools

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